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Headshots + Personal Branding

Capturing a professional headshot doesn't have to look stuffy or even corporate. Showing your personality is just as important as the experience on your resume, but don’t be tempted to use your cellphone to take your headshot. Blurry, duck face selfies are not what we are talking about here. Headshots convey a lot about you as a person and indicate how you do business. We highlight your genuine attributes giving a true reflection of your personality and your business. 

" It's not just a headshot...

it's someone's first impression of you."


"I could not be more pleased about my experience with Tamara Dean!  I generally do not like to have my picture taken, but Tamara instantly made me feel at ease. I think that trust and confidence was reflected in the photographs she took of me. Tamara was professional and fun.  She suggested several types of shots that we could take and was very open to my suggestions for what might work too. Our collaboration gave me a wide variety of head shots and action shots that I can use on my website, in my lecture series, and in my blog.


Working with Tamara was a breeze.  She contacted me promptly when setting up the photo shoot and then kept in contact with me throughout the process of creating the final product.  


I cannot say enough good things about my experience with her and would highly recommend her services as a photographer." ~ Valerie M.

for more information please contact me...

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