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frequently asked questions...

  • Do you take newborn pictures?
    Yes, I do! All of my newborn sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home and include beautiful and authentic lifestyle images of your family. I will pose the baby alone for a few shots but the images will focus primarily on the interaction between the new baby and the family. Imagine images of the baby in the nursery or snuggling with mom or dad in a chair while reading their favorite book. These small details make newborn photos even more special for years to come! And please don’t worry if your house isn’t spotless. Trust me! I know what it is like to have a newborn :) The focus will be on the baby (not your house) and we can easily clean up an area if we want to use it for photos. We can go outside for a few pictures too if the weather is nice.
  • When should I schedule a newborn session?
    Ideally, I like to schedule newborn sessions when the baby is no more than 10 days old (young)! Your due date will go on my calendar, and if you notify me of the baby's arrival within 48 hours after birth, I will make make myself available to you within that 10 day timeframe.
  • What should I wear for my outdoor family family session?
    I offer a few basic tips to all my clients. Dressy casual is best, Wear what you are going to be comfortable in. Avoid stripes, crazy patterns, designs, and logos. Wear solid colored clothing. Don’t match, coordinate! Shirts with sleeves (for adults) to at least the elbow. Long pants/skirts/dresses to at least below the knee.


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